It's September 21st!


It has just got to be genetic.

Speaking of 21, he was Sexiest Man Alive 2021

Other than our late summer/fall wildfires, I love this time of year. It’s my favorite.

Yeah, there’s nothing around here but the entire bay just had our air quality index shoot to 200 from the Redding fire smoke blowing down. It’s still around 100 now (anything over 50 and my asthma kicks in)

But the temperatures here have been quite pleasant, I can still bum around in shorts but my AC hasn’t fired up in 3 or 4 weeks

Yikes…can you keep yourself indoors? I bought an air purifier than is strong enough to cycle the air in a house up to 2500 sq ft big.

Bay Area weather is mostly pleasant year round, even when it’s “cold” it’s really mostly “cool” compared to other places.

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Yeah, we bought a bedroom purifier a couple years ago, but not big enough for the house. So with the windows closed I’m okay. And I agree, we don’t have real winter over here, very rarely gets into the low 30s. I do love it here and I hope to be able to afford to stay when I’m ancient (which is hopefully within 5 years)

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If your home is paid off, and all you have is maintenance, property taxes and insurance, you should be okay, I’m guessing.

Amazon played this song at the intro for the 49ers Giants game tonight.


I see a cat. I don’t see a video


They played the song from the OP, and I honored BD6 by providing a yawn for the sports tangent.

The thought thread followed in my head…

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Peter Paul Mary 3 characters, all rode on a train once.

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At least yer squirrel can’t get to the birdseed when yer giant meteor fixes the planet.

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That reminds me, the shoppers have bird seed on sale!

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I did not know that! Thank you for your service!

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Go paint some rocks white!

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I’d rather not waste those shiny stones, NASA needs more $30 bagels to shit in their $700 toilets.

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