Jane Fonda apologized

I mean she more or less apologized that people reacted and that it hurt her career, not for her actions. She still deserves the rope.

hard up for new material?

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It washed across my facebook feed.


Shh, no one cares, when she did that the whole country knew the war was fubar even Nixon and Kissinger, knew in fact my sisters BF was out on a routine low risk patrol, that was cut short, almost his entire brigade had orders to return Conus asap, about a year later in '73 He was home in less than a week on leave, with a tiny little pimply sore on his cheek from a speck of shrapnel from a mine that took his buddies leg off…I remember it since I was lounging on the couch watching Walter Fucking Cronkite announce the big draw down, and thinking “hmm, does that mean Melvin is coming home”

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Oh so you agree she needs hung?

I guess so. This story is decades old.

Eh it was just posted (perhaps again) yesterday.

Yes Contards have been flogging this nonstory for decades, while ignoring the fact Nixon and Kissinger wanted to end the war a couple years earlier than they did, but to help them win reelection, they drug it out a couple more years so a whole bunch of 19 year olds died for political theater Bromo, let that sink in. The war was over as far the Administration and Congress was concerned, but we just left boys in the bush to die for for a few votes in an election…


This just in… Bill Clinton got a blow job.


HOLY FUCK, alert the press


That is very disconcerting!

Dat’s a fact

He still don’t get he is cannon fodder


Also Trump just met with NK, why no screeching about that? If the daughter of Tom Joad can be vilified for extending an olive branch to the enemy, why isn’t Trump so vilified?


Since when was Trump telling the enemy that our Prisoners of War were attempting an escape?

Since when did Trump help sink our Soldiers morale and console the enemy?

A functioning brain .might just be required.

Ask the four dead green beanies in Niger

How is that Trumps fault?

Also one wasn’t a green, he was green-support.

He ordered a mission without sufficient readiness, this is known.

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