JFK Jr's death

Worth a look see. It starts off a little "conspiracy theory"ish, but then it gives a good dose of facts, nothing but the facts, and it’s intriguing.


Coincidentally, I followed a music link this morning onto YT and started thumbing through the Related column and was quickly awash in JFK assassination stuff as well as his son…not this clip, but others.

Must be the day for it.

I did not realize that Jr published two articles in George that were conspiracy-theory related. The argument is that Jr was going to call out the assassins in George. That could be a good reason to want him dead.

That day was weird with the weather -

No pilot outside of the most experienced should have been in the air

A lot was made of the unusual weather, but it sure wasn’t enough smoke or mirrors to explain the forensic evidence of what actually happened.

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I noticed the weather before it happened - it was bad - a haze and sich

Or the reaction to the crash. First they said Jr called in his landing, then they said he didn’t. People waiting for him at the airport called in his absence within about 20 minutes after he was due to land, and others called repeatedly all night, yet no search was instigated for 15 hours. Plus, when a plane goes into a dive like the one his went into, it automatically notifies air traffic control. But, guess what? No record of that. No flight manifest. No battery in the black box. And, weirdly, they found everything of the wreckage EXCEPT an entire seat from the plane. Was that entire seat holding a flight instructor, because Jr had never, ever flown that plane without a flight instructor until that day?

I still wonder why Killary didn’t take out Trump?