Line 6 Toneport UX2

Bought one of these yesterday off ebay, looked like days maybe weeks of fun. Guitar/audio interface thingy… $60 used.


Looks like you are getting interested in your craft again.:sunglasses:

I’ve avoided it for years because it’s an obsession…

Just found one of these Squiers locally… $200, one pickup isn’t working, has a ding… has a nice case… $450 new… might get it if the guy still has it.

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I be sellin it on ebay if I get it… :slight_smile: $200 just for the body and bridge, they want another $169 for the neck…

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I am pretty much the same way. I am getting back into doing some photography. I have about 4 months of building equipment, such as a large sink, painting a light table, other stuff.

I will spend some time doing some easy shots as well, working in my basement all the time can get a little hard.

So it took a trip to Worst Buy to get this thing working, had to get a 1/8 to 1/4" stereo adaptor to hook up my speakers to it… Seems a little solid statey to me… my amp feels much better playing through it… here’s a one take slopping around to a background track I found on youtube.

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This Toneport thing is awesome,what makes it though is the Podfarm software that comes with it. I think the simulations are pretty close to the real amps and effects they’ve copied. Which are several old Fender and Marshall amps and some others… pedals like an old Ibanez Tube screamer and several others, echoplex type tape echos, or newer Boss type digital delays, 5-6 bass amps including an Ampeg SVT and cabinet and a Gallien Krueger that you hook into a Hartke 4x10 cab.

You probably need a modern computer and at least 4 GB of RAM, I’ve got 8 and run it and tons of other shit at the same time. And some good speakers, sounds great through the Klipsch Pro Media speakers I got awhile back, better than any guitar amp I’ve ever had.

The deal is you have to take the time and come up with your own presets, they have a few interesting ones but the stock tones are mostly pretty blah to me.

But it’s like having a shitload of different amps and pedals I’d never be able to afford or have room for in a little thing that sits on top of your computer and you can find used ones for about $60…

I usually keep it pretty simple… here’s the clean tele sound I mostly use…

Distorted but not super saturated… old Fender type amp,64 blackface? They can’t use the exact names. With a tube screamer, reverb and an analog type echo box. To buy the old Tube Screamer it’s modeled after is about $600 for an old beat up one.

Ampeg SVT

I threw my amp and pedals back in the closet.

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GK bass amp and Hartke cabinet, sounds great…

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