Living on the edge, life on the Pacific coast

PCH thru Big Sur has had a lot of slideouts in the last 3 or 4 years.

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101 between moi and Newport to the south is in a constant state of motion, when there’s been movement they just slap some fresh macadam over it, they don’t bother fixing it up like new.

There are four named slides on U.S. 101 within a few miles of Beverly Beach State Park. The U.S. 101 section from milepost 133 to 136 includes four slides: Johnson Creek Landslide : Extends along US101 from MP 133.05 to MP 133.27. This landslide consists of a large-scale deep-seated translational landslide moving.

This is work being done just a few weeks ago, the white pick up heading north toward us, is right on the edge of the cliff that would drop your car several hundred feet, it makes me a little anxious driving over it.