Malicious Compliance

aka Trolling the boss

"In order to request time off I must fill out a sheet directly below the schedule posted in the “break nook” that all employees can see and it asks for the reason WHY I need the time off.

I started getting very specific about completely false reasons.

Random Tuesday Dentist appointment? Yep. “Gambling Addiction Counseling.”

That Friday I can’t work, because I’m just sick of this place and I need a mental health day? For sure. “Testicular Cancer Screening.”

Today I was asked to stop filling in the “Reason” box."

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I do my own testicular cancer screenings with two egg cups, boiling water, a legacy copy of Readers Wives circa 1989, and a Brillo pad.

I found two large lumps last month but was berated by my physician for wasting her time. Apparently, testes aren’t lumps. How does she know?

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