Mork from Ork, found dead

In the movie he’s like a depressed guy that hates his life, his job, etc.

Oh yeah you’re right it is;was World’s Greatest Dad, my son posted on FB that that and 'One Hour Photo; are his two fave Williams movies.

Maybe he used a large ice cube instead of a chair in the hope that people wouldn’t figure out that it was a suicide.

I am sorry that he did this but I don’t think he should of given up hope. He had the opportunity to create a different reality for himself. Perhaps it was something totally different that I simply don’t understand.

Didn’t the guy want to outlive his classmates at least and be the winner? :slight_smile:

It’s OK guys. At least we still have Carrot Top.

Williams opened up about his money problems in a Parade magazine interview last year in which he mentioned how hard it was to deal with divorce.
“Divorce is expensive,” Williams said. “It’s ripping your heart through your wallet.”

It was just a few weeks ago, I saw some story about Robin trying to sell his Napa Valley Estate/Winery, because of cash flow problems.

Hefuloshwalimaah sometimes posted on the subject.

Marriage in America is a sucker’s bet.

Who’s that?

That was a movie he was in. Lame.

UGH…he’s had to much plastic surgery.

Beautiful place but you would have to hire a bunch of people to take care of it.

Who wants to play Hangman?


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Too soon, dude.

Even my kids commented on how sad it was yesterday.

We grew up with him mom…Flubber, Jumanji and Mrs Doubtfire…

He was a great person. He entertained the troops through the USO, funded charities and scholarships, did Comic Relief for many years…

he went out his way. didnt rot in some fucking hospital… killing oneself is one of the only freedoms we have left.

I think he was still funny. I am so sorry about his death. My kids are, too. He was a guy who entertained everyone in the family.

Here’s evidence he still had it.

Bye,folks. Perhaps I’ll see you again sometime.


Hey Lotus Bud.…+You+are+finally+free_26f5cf_5254155.jpg

I admit this one made me tear up some.