My neighbor

Yesterday, she was spraying water indiscriminately in and outside of her garage while saying repetitively “acid, acid, acid, burn, burn, burn.”

I only know this because I was headed out and getting in my car. She sprayed water in my general direction, which of course, I ignored.

I asked my daughter, who was headed out with me, if it would be a bad thing to say “I’m melting and fall to the ground, twitch some and ‘die’.” She smirked and said it probably wouldn’t work.

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She had been gone a couple of days. About an hour or so ago, she again came onto my property and knocked over several planters and uprooted them.

I called the police to have them come look into it. This shit has to be documented.

Myself and the guy are both pissed off. He had been very patient and kept me calm. Now he’s equally angry.

What is she going to do next? Key my car? Throw a rock through a window?

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You’re right, just like getting rid of a bad employee, you have to build a case, with documentation

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Crazy lady was out in the middle of the street yelling “I’m the top ‘nigga’ in town.”

Okay, you do you, neighbor. Basically, the neighborhood ignored her.

She then went onto another street and was doing tai chi or pilates movements something…

My partner was telling me this and I said, you know that her tai chi class meets there on Thursday afternoons, right?

Lol, what a loon!


Lately she’s been swaying to the voices/music in her head in the middle of the street or she’s been “swimming” in her grass that’s about 14 inches long and full of seeds. She rolls one hip to another while she sits there making movements with her arms like she’s swimming.

I’m just like: Okay, you do you, boo.


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I live next to a crazy one as well. She was trained as a lawyer which means that nobody can have an opinion that is different that hers. :roll_eyes: