My spirit animal

This would be me in the a.m.


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My wife has a variation of this T-shirt, bought at the SDZoo.

Found this for you when searching for the above:

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Now that’s a cute t-shirt!

Moochas grassyass

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I have a t shirt with a drawing with essentially this same message of hope.


Wyy no monkey? :grin:

Well, here YOU are… :wink:

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Who are you talking to?

I am an advanced primate, my friend. No monkeying around, nope.

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Apeman of course! :grin:

Well, not technically a monkey. :roll_eyes:

Why do you think I chose a Possum?

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This me because I like sightseeing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The terror of my imagination in my childhood.

Those dinosaurs freaked me out when I went through my dinosaur phase as a kiddo.

Then the nightmare came true in one of the latter Jurassic Park movies…I saw the scene and grimaced then laughed at myself. It was exactly what I had imagined as a child.


LOL Yeah, I didn’t care too much for the predatory aspect of the image, I just loved the soaring part. :bird:

Good story. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the spirit of the thread topic…