Need a cheap bass

Looking for a good used Peavey I think, I used to have a Peavey Patriot bass a long time ago, it was one of their cheaper models I think but nice and got the job done. I see some other affordable old Peavey’s that I think might be a step up from the Patriot, Peavey Foundation Bass… Made in the USA, look nice. Gonna have to snag one.

These Foundation basses look like a steal at $150 or so…

My husband has one but you’d have to pry it from his cold dead hands. I knocked it over once and nicked the neck and I swear he got teary.

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What kind does he have?

I once saw my telecaster fall over face first off a shitty stand onto a marble floor, fell hard too, I think I tripped over the cord… stayed in tune.

It’s a Fury. I’ve never seen him need to tune it.

I think those are the even cheaper ones usually made in China or somewhere…

Probably. It was his first guitar.

This one doesn’t look too expensive



These Peavey T-40 basses are the shit but they go for around 5 bills these days, I need to check the pawnshops more often. Still I’d pay 5 bills for one of these long before a 5 bill fender.

I picked up a Peavey Foundation a couple of years ago for a buck fifty, with case. Looked like too good a deal to pass up. But it turned out the pots were all funky (2 of them) and I never could quite get it dialed in, soundwise either.

My choice would be a Pacific Rim Squier. I have one (indonesian) with a P/J pickup configuration like a hot rod Precision, passive electronics, works fine for me. It’s a little neck-heavy and if I played it more I’d probably put some counterweight in the body somehow. I got mine in a trade so I’m not sure how much they cost…probably less than 250 new, I’d guess.

I went to the music store here a couple weeks ago and checked out some of the squiers and fenders and they were pretty bad man, the new indo squiers feel like they’re made out of balsa wood and I couldn’t believe Fender/Squier would even put their name on some of that shit like that whole Affinity series they got going. But I guess they do make a Mex Fender feel like real guitar in comparison and I’d never give 5 bills for one of those. I was mostly playing the guitars though.

Then I asked the guy if he had any used stuff and he gave me this whole spiel about how the internet has changed everything, he doesn’t sell used instruments anymore, basically crying about how ebay has taken his business… but I remember how it used to be, most of these music stores used to dog everyone they could for every penny they could get… plus it’s his own fault for not keeping up with the times, he could be flipping lots of guitars on ebay himself.

So I bid on a Peavey bass earlier.

Also I guess a lot of the Peavey basses have some strange circuitry going on with some extra capacitors into volume pots or something, maybe someone had fiddled with that on the Foundation. Also did it have the Super Ferrite pickups or whatever they’re called?

I checked cl in this area earlier, just to what what sort of bass’s were up for sale, and at a glance it looked like Ibanez is the volume leader and there were a lot of names that meant nothing to me, but several fenders etc

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This Chinese Squier bass looks pretty nice though… The classic vibe series cost a bit more and are better guitars/basses I guess… Probably $350 or so new…

Go buy this amp now… don’t wait…

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So I just bought a Peavey Foundation, I was hoping to get it a little cheaper, $205 with shipping. I don’t think it has a case.


Here ya go. (*)

(*) Girl not included


Got the bass today, it’s a little more grey than white like I thought but it’s all good… seems to play ok but bass is a motherfucker for me at the moment, I guess it will make playing a guitar seem easy after I get used to it, haven’t had much time to mess with it yet, busy busy…

Just listen to a lot of Stanley Clark, Jack Bruce and Jaco backwards at 78 in your sleep for a couple weeks, you’ll pick it right up.