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It’s incredible something can be sooo bad. It’s like your site is on dialup. Plus I’m sure they charge out the ass for it like they do their domain registration. If you’re thinking about using Netsol for your business think again.

HAHA BINGO! They are a bunch of dickheads.

Their intro price is for ONE month, their server up-time is shit and they constantly try to up-sell when you are trying to get support.

Most awful hosting I’ve seen in quite some time, they make shitty GoDaddy hosting look like a Rolls Royce… slow as fuck all the time and then it would hang every 10-15 minutes for 3-5 minutes… took me at least twice as long to do the work, shitty hosting is costing them money in numerous ways.

I did a bunch of work for a company that got upsold to an overpriced awful VPS server from them, it was still awful and then it got hacked to shit… someone was using it to serve out a bunch of warez lmao

I was thinking about moving back to managed hosting next year but I don’t know if I could stomach it. I’m spoiled.

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That’s how Netsol hosting makes me feel…

A 1 star rating at Consumer Affairs.

Tell us how you really feel

Why are you even hosting there???

I’m doing some work for an agency and they have a client who’s hosted there.

Tell them to tell their client to switch to a better host.

Yeah we’ve already told them… can’t believe something so bad as netsol is even allowed to exist.

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