Never do any work for Christians/Religious fucks

unless you get the money up front…New rule, had some homo man ass loving preacher rip me off over a little work on their website recently and it’s not even a lot… like a measly $45… no response to my invoices. Moral of the story, never trust a Christian.

I just messaged him that I had alternative methods to collect from deadbeat clients but would rather get paid and part ways happily. Looks like I’m going to have to put in some extra SEO work on this faggot’s name.

SEO work - LOL

I had another Christian guy wanting to hire me about a year ago, writes really awful books on Christian marriage and Christian family bullshit. So I Google this turd’s name and found out he had recently gotten busted for having his little league team sell raffle tickets to fake sports memorabilia he didn’t even have and then the Colorado news found even more scams the guy had been involved in lol… What’s with these guys?

Looks like a Jerry Sandusky too…


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True Crime- Perhaps???
By 3000 on October 25, 2012
Format: Paperback
When will this guy quit trying to write books? This book was the worst book he has written so far and all of them have been terrible! It also makes my skin crawl that he is writing Christian books yet I continue to find recent criminal activity on the internet that he has been engaged in. Perhaps spending more time on being a writer instead of a criminal, would improve his books.

Yeah in the car biz or the furniture biz that I did for a short time, whenever someone would advertise their extianity it was always a red flag, they were more often than not too be azzholes or raise a stink about some imagined slight or promise.

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Use your backdoor and link him to a pron site until he pays up.

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The dry cleaners I go to are all Christianish. Jesus this and Jesus that all over the walls and windows. All of the clerks are young Christian girls from the local church. They are a decent cleaners and decent cleaners are hard to come by around here, so I put up with up.

Somehow I just know the old church dude who owns the place is banging those young gals.

I use to nail some married girl and then she would go to fucking choir practice - I kid you not

Just paid up… Must not have wanted the extra SEO work. :slight_smile: