NYC Shutdown 5TH Ave to paint BLM in Front of Trump Tower


He could shoot someone right on that mural and not lose any supporters!


While I’m happy about the project, I have to note that the organizers are disingenuously calling it a MURAL… which by definition it is not. It’s a road display. Murals have to be on a wall, with a vertical orientation rather than a horizontal one. They should have used a different word, rather than lying about it.

The root word is the Latin MURUS, a wall.

That said, I was tickled by 45’s choice of DENIGRATE to complain about the de-gentrification of Fifth Avenue. There’s a lot of irony there, since the Latin root is NIGARE, to blacken. It seems to me that Trump’s concern is RENIGRATION, which is a legit coinage that (given his linguistic primitivism) he hasn’t the depth to come up with or he probably would have.

True. The word “mur” is wall in French.

Und Mauer auf Deutsch.



Chicago’s gonna step up and rename the 400 block of Wabash Avenue “President Barack Obama Way”.

Dear god I hope.

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Been a while since I was in the south Loop…why that block? (Assuming you mean S. Wabash)

Iirc that fronts a Trump property.

N Wabash.

401 N Wabash is the eyesore known as TrUmp Chicago.

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I don’t care if they called it the Sistine chapel ceiling…as long as it pisses that motherfucker off. I’ll take a Biden victory, stroke or heart attack…anything.

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Not at all. :innocent: I was just making the point that Trump, by using a real word here, missed a great opportunity to dog-whistle the N word to his base when he could have easily done so and professed innocence. All the extra words were just me, trying to make this point without being politically incorrect. :grinning:

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