OK Covid you're really messing with my fall entertainment!

PAC12 Cancelling Duck Football

NCAAF may move to the spring, leaving the NFL to move some games to Saturdays.

We were going to have Spring Football, well we did for like a year, until Trump fucked it all up.

Portland had a USFL Team and they were packing the (smallish) Stadiium.

I’m stuck in a barracks for 2 weeks getting shitty army chow delivered.

Not much to do.

COVID quarantine, I assume. What happens after 2 weeks is up?

Oh shit, they make you quarantine once you’re there? That kind of blows, when I was in the Navy the chow they fed us was usually pretty decent.

Probably hurrying up and waiting some more…


Exactly what Billdo says. I wait for the next class cycle.

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