Create an MC escher like black and white line drawing of a magic mushroom universe

picasso cubist magic mushroom painting

Last night I told ChatGPT to create a WordPress plugin in the directory chatgpt4wp that will connect to the ChatGPT API and allow visitors to ask questions and receive answers from my website…

And it spit out code for an almost functional plugin. I’m talking an options page in the admin area where you enter the API, shortcode to display it etc. And it almost worked. I’m sure you could keep messing with it for awhile and create something legit in less time than most web developers could.

And there goes my job…

Created at

AI Generated website designs

/imagine a youtube banner of a picasso cubist style magic mushroom

I’m totally impressed with the picasso cubist style youtube banners… wow…

/imagine donald trump goes to a post apocalyptic hell

hee hee the one on the upper right said BALLS

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here I asked for a trippy magic mushroom t-shirt design on a black background…

/imagine a bulldog in rasta clothes and sunglasses smoking a spliff

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/imagine the big bang in a mushroom universe

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Would you be willing to score me an Eiffel Tower in the style of Starry Night? Unless it costs you extra

I will make you one tonight, still learning though, I need to figure out how to make them very high resolution for printing.

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@Wabbit let me know what you’d like different about it and I can ask :slight_smile:

I was just looking for something different and this fits the bill. Thanks!

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I just right clicked in Chrome and selected “Search This Image With Google”, it brought up some similar photos but this one is better than almost all those I think. :slight_smile:

Agreed, I had done that too (text: “eiffel tower starry night”, not a “by image”). I did find a canvas print at Amazon that was nice but I also like yours better, it’s more interpretative of the Starry Night style.

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