"Overthrow Governments that no longer bring you joy" Marie Kondo

I posted that in breaking news, but I like your title better.

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6 men charged by Feds for plotting to kidnap and “try” Michigan governor for treason.

White people!


The FBI quoted one of the accused as saying Whitmer “has no checks and balances at all. She has uncontrolled power right now. All good things must come to an end."

But no similar complaint about Trump, I presume.

Well, it is a wacky right-wing white people militia, what do you think?

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TBH, I would not be surprised if there weren’t some traitors right here in Oregon plotting against our Governor Kate, she is hated by the Trump crowd. and has survived at least one recall effort.

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I hope they ream them new assholes.

Can Trump pardon them yet, or do they need to be convicted first?

Does Trump even know Dovey?!