Paradise Park or bust

Probably not, depends on the weather. Also there’s lots of hiking here at lower elevations that will be warmer…


I’m starting to get in better shape and hikes like this weekend seem to get me there faster. I’m power walking uphill elevation a lot at this point with a heavy pack. I want to get myself up to at least 10-12 miles a day hiking. I want to keep getting some walking in at least during the rainy winter and try to keep improving my fitness level so I can do bigger hikes next year.


In the middle of the night while we were camping I heard what sounded like a very loud space warp, time machine or something, very loud digitalish spacish type sounds… it was super strange… they didn’t last long but I definitely heard something very odd and very loud in the middle of nowhere. She said she heard a loud sub bass type sound that went on for a couple minutes which I didn’t hear. All we did as far as drugs go was smoke a little weed.


Any UFO’s reported in the area? Asking for a friend. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am guessing that you are hiking again this weekend; or maybe you were abducted. :grin:

We went for a little hike climb last weekend but I haven’t been backpacking lately. It is too cold to camp on the mountain now.

I think I might know what the sound I heard was, I saw a video of a coyote making some crazy noises right before a guy shot it.

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Warning coyote gets shot and killed

I think most photographers would try to find a compromise focus spot for a shot like this; that’s what I would have done too. Actually, the sharpest focus spot is best ‘rule of thumb’ on the closest part of the image, that’s true 99% of the time.

Those shots with the white wiggy things were quite good anyway. Worth redueing with a tripod and a stand off shutter release, possibly with a polorizing filter(try both ways.)

I just snapped it with my cheap motorola phone. I’m not doing photography.

Cheap camera or not it is a very good image. There is not too much sense in doing photography these days when all one has to do basically is point the camera and shoot. Still, if you are taking pictures in an off enviroment and find something unusual it is worth it to do it well. When you enlarge an image taken with a cheap camera the flaws will show up, that’s why you need the tripod, etc…

You seem to have a good eye.


To me it’s all about having something good to take a photo of.


You might find this amusing: in days past when a photographer had a good image that he wanted to sell he/she would tell potential buyers that reproductions would be signed, numbered and limited to two hundred prints at $800.00 per print. In truth the photographer would be lucky to sell 15 prints in years. It just made the prints seem more valuable that way. lololol

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