Remember when the right-wing (and leftist extremists) went after Biden for not supporting rail workers striking last fall? I think it was last fall…lol

Apparently, the Biden admin with Buttigieg and another administration official that I can’t recall at the moment kept at the railway companies long after an agreement was signed.

60% of workers got them the sick leave 4 days(0 days previously) and up to 3 days of PTO could also be used for sick leave.

How come no one knows about this?

Most unionized US rail workers now have new sick leave | Reuters.

Really 4 whole days? Dang…

It’s not great, but even where I worked I got 7.8 hours a month, never changed in 20+ years.

They previously had 0 days and that’s been from the beginning of the industry.

I’m assuming that if they have a major health issue, they have fmla to protect their jobs, if not their incomes.

Four is infinitely better than zero.

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it’s still infinitely bad… where I’m from people used to think a railroad job was a “goood job.” Fuck…

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