Read an interesting article today about Tuberville

which posited that his holding up of military promotions is not about abortion at all, it’s to hold up promotions until a Republican is president again, so they can make sure the magatards run the show there. Much like Glitch McConnell was able to do with the Supreme Court, holding up Obama’s picks and fast-tracking Trump’s.

We can never let a Republican be president again until these inmates are no longer running the asylum. Third-party be damned, sorry Boro.

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Social science has been predicting that the demographic changes that the US is experiencing would bring us to a time and place where the country was no longer going to be dominated by white males.

The only thing left are the institutions. In order to maintain power, they want to take power by any means necessary. They did it at SCOTUS and they will do it in the military. It’s all about white power and control. The grand experiment in democracy that the US continuously struggles to form a “more perfect union” doesn’t really mean anything to them.

It’s up to the rational citizens to pay attention and work hard to participate and fight back.

Well, if one believes “more perfect” means “white” it does make sense.

You don’t think that most conservatives believe that power should remain in the hands of whites?

I do.

It appears we are on the same page.

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I agree. That’s why they’re willing to burn it down. “It” being the constitution, and a representative democracy.