Real Mexican food

@Oak Is this the place you think? I heard it’s good, found the menu online…

What’s it called and where is it?

it’s in a Hispanic grocery store here, Mi Familia I think is the name…

saw this guy cooking in this little tent last night in Sonoma so I stopped and got a real taco… he didn’t put any salsa on it though. I’ve seen radishes with tacos at other places too… $2.50


Next time ask them for salsa.

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Oh man that looks delicious

There’s a regional chain up here that has these pickled carrots available, they’re not really pickled but they’re brined or vinegared(?) and a bit spicy.

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Weird pickled stuff scares me

There’s a taco joint or taco truck on every corner out here. I’ll stop at this one truck soon and get a photo of theirs… Excellente

red onion pickled in lemon juice then added to a taco



I would probably like that, from what I get, a real taco is meat, onion, cilantro, salsa.

real taco can be many things

beans, potatoes, etc…

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Just saying what I usually encounter.

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Yeah, mostly meat. It’s what people like a lot.

Is it a crime to love true Mexican AND tacobell?


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It looks like cat puke.

No, just as long as you understand that Taco Bell is fast food.

Does not.

It was great, but I’m getting ready to go find this taco truck that’s really good, starving.

Pickled carrots with jalapeño are my favorite side with chips and salsa

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