Recipes you recommend:

Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade (I used it for slow cooker pulled pork)



I will try it! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is not a recipe but it is helpful for dieting. Several years ago I bought a steamer that you insert into a pan that has boiling water on the bottom for the purpose of cooking brocolli without mutilating the broccoli. It worked great. Recently I started trying it for other foods as well. It works great and the food tastes good as well. I use it for cooking several vegtables at once, just keeping things like carrot niblets, strings beans and small potatos separate. :clap:


I think my rice cooker will steam stuff…

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I just started using this item for more than brocolli crowns. I like it a lot. It is great for dieting, fast and very little clean up. I just use a sprinkle of salt. Yesterday I cut some red peppers in half and placed the cut side down. They were great and they kept their color.

PS-I got the 9 inch but the 12 inch looks even better.

Anything special about this design?

It’s… a steamer, I’ve had one for 40 years.

Yup, Madonna is going to buy a pair to wear on her blouse. :grin:

I usually just saute my veggies. When I am in a hurry(more often than not) I just use the frozen steamer bags. When I saute I usually just add a teaspoon of water to the pan and cover, partially cook, then I add some butter and/or olive oil.

Wait’ll he discovers the toaster!

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I was like wtf is an “umbrella” steamer. Apparently, nothing.


You’re that old, huh?

I’m getting up there, for sure. That there’s a popcorn machine from my youthe.


I got a pizza recipe coming up. Made it up myself. :grin:

Steamed pizza? Interesting…,

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I guess that I should take that comment as a challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS-I rarely use a receipe, most of the time I just experiment. :grin: