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Remember kids, never put your website for your million dollar business on a cheap $9.95 a month web hosting plan.

The server had a full disk first of all, when the disk fills up, shit crashes, it’s hitting 90% of its memory and 70% of its swap memory… no overhead…

So of course when the client complains they claim it’s a problem with his website, then tried to sell him a bigger hosting package at their moment of failure. Meanwhile the site is still down probably until the Indian that does server administration checks in tomorrow morning. .

I thot Indians were getting too expensive and it is the Bangladeshi

I used to bid on access jobs on this job site - but the fucking Indians would bid like almost zero - I am like WTF

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Yeah I use a few of those sites sometimes, those that hire the Indians usually regret it… not that all of them are bad at what they do, but the ones that are good aren’t usually working for $3 an hour…

@Bigdukesix I used to do a lot of work for this one crazy skin care lady and she was always obsessed with being #1 on Google and thought she could buy her way to the top… when I tell her that she can’t buy the spot, that nobody can magically get it for her, she goes behind my back and hires these cheap Indian SEO scammers because she was a cheapskate too and they got her site totally tanked by Google. lmao

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One of my first programming jobs paid an Indian a ton of money to write some stuff

Later when I had to look at his programs for problems I got to the point I just rewrote the fucking thing in Murican

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I used to do IT without having a penis.

Top that.

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I just saved a lot of money on my car insurance!


I am quite proficient at liking pie.

Fukk the Indians and the horses they rode in on.

Hey man, for once that actually works.