Shit Spring is Here

Gotta get on the garden, already running late, should have some lettuce starts ready to put out today but don’t have shit.

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Go ahead and start yer lettuce now. There’ll be another freeze or two before it’s time to put em out.

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lettuce can take a little bit of a freeze, I did throw some seeds out around valentines day but they probably got washed away.

February = spring?

And they say there is no such thing as global warming.

You and I live in CA, so definitely for us, yeah.

Well, yeah, but Billdo lives in the Bible Belt.

Not may flowers type spring but definitely lettuce/spinach weather

I once spilled a packet of lettuce seeds in my garden in November by accident. Four months and a subzero bitter winter later, up they all came, and by the end of March, I was giving away bushels of the stuff.

Lettuce is tougher than it looks.

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I’ve had some survive some a mild winter, it just died back, then when it started to warm up a little it took right off again.

Got a little bit of lettuce and spinach that survived the winter and has started growing back… and of course kale… I think it’s only the Oak Leaf variety of lettuce that ever makes it through the winter for me…

You didn’t start your new plantings yet, did ya?

yeah started a tray of lettuce the other day…

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It’s 79 right now. I think we’re skipping over spring.

straight to fire season?