So, a question for Bay Area experts

Better to visit SF for Fleet Week or for Chinese New Year?

Or some other time?

I would assume it depends on what your interests are.

Chicks. Food. Entertainment. Live theater. Jazz. Parades. Did I mention chicks?

Chinese New Year, you wouldn’t stand a chance with the Navy in town.


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I prefer SF when there isn’t a big shindig on.


Thought for food there.

Hunan near Pier 39, if it’s still there it is an institution in Frisco, that famous foodie/writer from The New Yorker raved about it. What’s his name.


Yep, it gets way too crowded.

Brandy Ho’s? I. Think I’ve eaten there. :stuck_out_tongue:

A good time to visit is late September/October. The kids and tourists are usually gone by then. I have been to California 6 or 7 times. I would use the fly drive package, landing in LA and then driving to San Diego and then traveling up the coast up to San Francisco.


That’s a good plan.

I’ve been in SF Columbus Day weekend, very crowded. This year the previous weekend will be bad too.

Maybe I’ll spend election night drinking and scorekeeping in the blue wave.

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