Some Football Fans Hit Trump With A 1-Finger Salute During Iowa-Iowa




Take notice, tRump; that’s the ag school, theoretically your base.


Trumps gesture is the exact opposite of the Vulcan “live long and prosper”: which makes his gesture “die in misery”.


Didn’t they have ay paper towels?

Has anyone ever looked more miserable? LMFAO

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He is concerned for the people, he knows a storm is coming.

lol ok Q

Did you see The Terminator when you were young? :alien:

And many times since.

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I thought the characters in the first Terminator movie were kind of cartoonist( especially so Kyle Reese.) I felt the same way about the movie Breathless with Richard Gere(Jesse.)

I liked that about both movies. They both involved simplistic stereotypes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Explains your defense of Trump.

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The great divide between a Dem voter and a Rebub voter is whether or not the voter works for a bureaucracy or whether or not the voter has an entrepreneurial spirit.

The reason your fearless leaders hate Cons is that Cons threaten their power, they want to control everything. It is easier to control big business than to control small business.

It is also why the left hates religion. They don’t want any challenges to their point of view.

Says the supporter of the party that really wants to control everything… Go die boomer

@LittleRambo2 - burn any books today? Stalk any pregnant women thinking about an abortion? :slight_smile:

I am not a social con. Life is more complicated…

you sound like one… libz don’t believe in religion… Fuck you and your fake ass religion :slight_smile:

In the known universe there are about 200 Billion galaxies with each one of these galaxies has between 100 and 200 Billion stars. There may also be an infinite number of universe. I have a hunch that there are.

Personally not I, nor any one else on this planet, is smart enough to make any definite claims about anything. Since the beginning of human experience people, feeling powerless and alone and with a deep need for connectedness, have been trying to understand their place in the universe.

I respect the effort so long as it doesn’t involve beheading children.