Sometimes you just have to share

Shades of Jack Bruce

Shades of Leonard Cohen

…because Good Friday

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@Billdo @Spoon

sorry no one else allowed well ok Wabbit, Oak and POL, but no one else! except Lion…and no one else. LR2 also…but thats it. @Starling, yes, of course you can watch it too.

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Roland Kirk

Love where this goes from about the six minute mark onward.

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Recorded just a few weeks after the MLK assassination, FWIW.

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“I watched this video and ended up in a gray suit and fedora, smoking a cigarette in the rain in 1939. Please help.”


I love PM Jukebox and also Hayley Rinehart.

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This is not your parent’s Walk on the Wild Side.

Whitest muzac thread ever…

Try this.

lol I rest my case…