Stoopit Republicans epically fail another Witch Hunt. Ha ha loosers!


Who didn’t see this coming? They are hysterical people by their very nature and their whining always results in “pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttt”.


Well at least this will free up their time to refocus on Hillary’s Emails.

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Or Hunter Biden’s non existent bribe. Whatevs.

Speaking of Hunter Biden, the non-profit he’s the CEO of just won, guess what?

The Nobel Peace Prize, that’s what! LMAO @ CONS!!


I hope the NYT puts a pic of him doing the Victory Dance while he holds his medal over his head in Oslo. So Trump can share in the moment.


While I share your sentiment, I note that Hunter was never the CEO of the global organization, only the “chairman” of WFP USA… It was while working in this capacity that some Chinese dude gave him a diamond that got him into some hot water.

Still, a nice end to the witch hunt.

We could always look into that Benghazi thing, I hear tell there is a there, there.

Yeah, I typed the wrong thing. I used the words interchangeably. I’m sooooooooooooooo sorry.

No worries, the article was a bit fuzzy about that. Also I thought I was replying to Ape cuz I read too fast sometimes.

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