Surely this will convict the Hunter Biden Laptop Crime Family!

Well, this can’t be good.


Opinions vary.

For most, this is splendid news, entertaining even. Like watching a wile e coyote cartoon.

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It’s the deep state destroying the credibility of this otherwise airtight case against Hunter’s laptop’s chain of custody. /s




If you have not read Eric Swalwell’s questions to Hunter Biden during his hearing, you have to.

SWALWELL: Any time your father was in government, prior to the Presidency or before, did he ever operate a hotel?

BIDEN: No, he has never operated a hotel.

SWALWELL: So he’s never operated a hotel where foreign nationals spent millions at that hotel while he was in office?

BIDEN: No, he has not.

SWALWELL: Did your father ever employ in the Oval Office any direct family member to also work in the Oval Office?

BIDEN: My father has never employed any direct family members, to my knowledge.

SWALWELL: While your father was President, did anyone in the family receive 41 trademarks from China?


SWALWELL: As President and the leader of the party, has your father ever tried to install as the chairperson of the party a daughter-in-law or anyone else in the family?

BIDEN: No. And I don’t think that anyone in my family would be crazy enough to want to be the chairperson of the DNC.

SWALWELL: Has your father ever in his time as an adult been fined $355 million by any State that he worked in?

BIDEN: No, he has not, thank God.

SWALWELL: Anyone in your family ever strike a multibillion dollar deal with the Saudi Government while your father was in office?


SWALWELL: That’s all I’ve got.

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Let’s see, Hunter Biden, who lives in Los Angeles, decides to fly 3000 miles across country to drop off 3 MacBook Pros at a computer repair shop run by a blind guy who charges the insanely low price of $85 for data recovery. Hunter gets off the plane and drunk-drives to the repair shop in Wilmington desperate for service, because everyone knows there are no computer repair shops anywhere in LA.

He staggers into the shop reeking of booze, drops them off, signs a contract for repair and then totally disappears, because he’s so close to his easily-reachable dad that his dad is responsible for Hunter, but so not-close that his dad is unable to relay a message to Hunter that his computers are ready for pickup.

The repair shop owner recovers the data but instead of doing what data recovery people normally do when computers are abandoned, which is wipe the data clean and sell the hardware, he reads literally thousands of Hunter’s private emails (half of which are probably the “Reply All” chains we hate) but a few of those thousands of emails (what were they in Braille?) may mention a possible meeting arrangement between his dad and a Ukrainian guy. (For what? it’s not mentioned.)

Repair Shop Guy is so alarmed that he contacts the FBI. The FBI arranges to pick up the hard drives, but Repair Shop Guy chooses to take the completely normal step of copying those drives.

Once he realizes the FBI isn’t doing anything with them (Hmmm… wonder why) , he calls up the most credible ex-Mayor on Earth and hands him their contents.

That totally credible ex-Mayor is also so alarmed by these emails that instead of immediately going public or talking to Barr’s DOJ, he sits on them for months and then chooses to release them 3 weeks before the election.

The responsible media then asks to independently verify their validity through a forensic analysis of the emails’ metadata, but said ex-Mayor does what all normal people trying to prove facts and truth do, and chooses to totally ignore all of these requests.

Is that where we are now?

Did I get it right?

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