The charges against Trump and the stupid defenses from the right

31 counts Willful retention of national defense information
Related to Trump’s alleged unauthorized possession of national defense documents and his failure to turn them over to law enforcement officials

3 counts Withholding or concealing documents in a federal investigation Related to Trump and an aide allegedly concealing boxes of classified documents from law enforcement officials and the grand jury

2 counts False statements
Related to false statements about classified documents being turned over to law enforcement and an alleged scheme to hide Trump’s continued possession of the materials

1 count Conspiracy to obstruct justice
Related to an alleged conspiracy between Trump and an aide to keep classified documents Trump took from the White House

Now my partner and I just got debating whether or not Trump got charged with being in possession of classified documents. He claims Trump wasn’t charged.

However, it seems to be that the 31 charges for willful retention of national defense documents is exactly that. But you know lawyers, they’ll argue semantics until the cows come home…


No, he was not charged with the presidential records act. He keeps saying that it was legal under that act, and the response is hey asshole, your not being charged under that!


How many felonies total now?


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37ish for Records and 34 for the Hush Money trial in NYC