The Co-Star of one my fave 9/11 immediate aftermath moments was Fireman Bob, who held W's hand on top of the rubble

Bob Beckwith, 9/11 rescuer who stood next to President George W. Bush atop debris, dies at 91

I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down

When people in the back say We can’t hear you, and Dubya responds “I can hear you” and all those first responders that had been clawing through the rubble looking for life or human remains cheered, I still get a little chill…

Yeah it was a bit stage managed but it was good messaging, and sure W soon started veering off the rails, but that was a nice President moment for him

And then the Republicans refused to help those first responders who got dust and asbestos and charred victims in their lungs and got sick, until Jon Stewart shamed them into finally doing something, almost 20 years later

Remember everyone liked Roody for a minute there too

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