The Wire

I’ve been watching the HBO series. I like it a lot.

I have a crush on this actor…

All other things being equal…I would SOOO hit it.

Idris Elba is a fucking douche. He likes Arsenal for god’s sake.

I don’t have to like the man. This is fantasy, not reality.

He’s very sexy. Hot, comes across as “intense”

I tend to be attracted to “intense” or the exact opposite…very sweet.


Okay, so is biting a chunk of him, cannibalism? Sign me up.

I couldn’t really care about football. I like his work.

I’ve only seen him in this series. He gives a good performance.

Hiya, Moonie!! Welcome to CBT…don’t let the Libbies bother ya.

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I see we may have the same idea of what hawt is…lol

Welcome to our little piece of internet, Moonpie.

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