Train derailment political bullshit

I’ve been reading and hearing the typical nonsense from our political extremists in this country.

MAGAverse retards blame everything on Biden. Nevermind that the previous administration deregulated the electronic brake systems implemented under the Obama administration. Let’s not think of that.

The extreme left is all about how Biden didn’t support the rail workers with their new contracts. Now, I also think it’s bullshit that rail workers don’t get sick leave. It’s unacceptable. However, it’s not the workers on the train that are the most impacted by this derailment. A better contract wouldn’t have changed the outcome of this wreck. It’s the poisoned community that is most at risk, not 2 or 3 guys on this train.

FFS, people don’t do any critical thinking at all. They have their god damn hammers and pound away on the same freaking nail every damn time. So sick of the political idiots.

And a President showing up to a train wreck is performative and not substantive or transformative. WTF is he going to do, get a photo op?

And the persons that should have been on the ball immediately were the Governor and maybe their representatives in the House and Senate. JD Vance didn’t address this shit for 10 freaking days.

American political apes ought to go to hell.