Turbines just don't belong aircraft

One of two Chrysler turbine cars (in private hands) is for sale!

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I recall being in a barracks full of Huey mechs in 1967, listening to the Indy 500 on the radio. Andy Granatelli had entered a turboshaft powered car, and was blowing everyone into the weeds for maybe 197 of the 200 laps, and we were guzzling beer and cheering him on.

Then he blew a $3 bearing somewhere in the drive train and DNF. And by the next year the Indy guys had regulated the turbine cars out of competition by restricting the size of the air intake port.

When I was selling metal (automobiles) in Portland several years ago, there were 3 or 4 guys with turbine power bikes, a wild think to experience is to standing outside near the road and hear the scream of a jet engine and look up and see a street bike the size of maybe a 750 Honda or what ever.

The Bikes we saw were as I understood were from some small craft jet bike operation,

I these these Y2K’s might be the same or similar

Holy smoking tires, this is out of Portland could be the same dudes. I used to see in the late 90’s way early 2000’s

Not too many cars can reach into 230. MPH

Which might be why these Choppers haven’t gone mainstream that’s lotta muscle to wrap your thighs around.

But of course Jay has one too