V12.. outta two straight sixes

Crazy cool
Dude took two 1JZ in line sixes and made it it into a V12… then threw it into an open wheeled custom chassis. I wanna hear this through screech through a tunnel so bad.


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That’s what BMW’s 5 ltr. V12 was too.

Yeah, but from a show standpoint that’s a lotta serious metal in the OP. Makes the Bimmer twelve look like it belongs in a sedan, which of course it does.

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Oh no doubt that looks an insane machine.That is probably the most intricate exhaust system I have seen.

I’m sure measuring all 12 piping routes for the same length was a struggle. But I’m sure it helps with reducing reverb and pulsing on the turbos.


Speaking as someone who’s owned half a dozen Bimmers over the years (none recently) I will say that the last time a BMW engine in a car raised any eyebrows, it was in a 2002tii.