Vocabulary troll

Running a vocabulary troll at SG.

I have incredibly frustrated one of the most inane posters I’ve ever run across on the internet, a “flamer” with the lamest “flames”.

It’s hilarious. All I had to do is answer with a one word criticism. I’m finding it too easy, but funny. Individual keeps getting more and more furious.

I have words, the best words…


I’ve been following this on a couple of threads. BTW, I like your thread about how (in my words at least) chickenshit administrators have turned SGz into a right wing circle jerk of weak saps who can’t even own that obvious fact.


I’m wishing I could convince my fellow “leftists”, however we define it, to stay away completely.

We can try one day at a time. Seriously, without foils they’ll be bored and go off to other boards.