Watching an old movie from the mid 90's, Holly Hunter PM me for my #'s

Watching now, don’t recall this one, two of my more favorite Hollywood Virtual Conquests…in a psycho-sexual-crime-mystery-drama

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She’s on a sitcom with Ted Danson these days, if you want to check in on her.

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Oh on The Mayor? I’ll check that out.


Let me know if it’s any good.

It’s cringey-funny. Bobby Moynihan as an assistant is cringey-funny-awesome, if you can stand the funny.

My opinion, my sense of humor is weird and usually i don’t like cringey. As a whole I am surprised i will watch it.


Thanks, and that’s some high level criticism which is probably a bit over my head. I guess my main thrust is in wanting to know if I will fall out of love with Weaver or Hunter.