Welcome back, Seamajor

Looks like the Little King got himself all worked up again yesterday and enjoyed 3 or 4 hategasms while banning you.

I didn’t see the “porn” image but you’re welcome to PM it to me. I never did figure out whether your “Offense” was meme spammage, spammage in general, posting porn, or trolling family members. Cuz you know how the Little King is, after a meltie, and every time he opens his cute mouf he’s got a new and different story.

Guy’s gonna huff and puff and blow his own house down, just give him time. Anyway, congrats.


Oh if anyone mentioned to Napolean Phuckboi, that I hadn’t thought of him in months, I’d be ok with that. but maybe that would be counter-productive, maybe only in response should it come up in convo, like at a cocktail party and sich.