What are we going to call the male "Karens" of the US?

Naming contest.

My partner thinks “Kevin” might be a good equivalent. Let’s not forget the “Karen” in SF harassing a Mexican-American man.


I vote Daryl


I’m prone to either Kyle or Brett.



I think we have a winner… or Ted maybe.

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Can’t be Chad, he’s too well hung.

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We could also call the male ones “Karen”, for all I am carin’

Also seeing “Brad” in some comments


I’m prone to Kyle and Brad…we’ll see what is out there.

How about Kit? :rofl:

An “Ian”:

It’s particularly a male Karen who is irritated by women who feel they are victims of abuse, And feels the need to loudly make it known, but it could be expanded to include the broader, self righteous, generally bigoted Karen type.

Once it’s in urban dictionary it’s pretty set.

But it seems “Ian” is nasty toward women, not people of color necessarily.

So, is it set. Seems like a good start, but perhaps the definition needs to be expanded.

I can get behind this 100%.



How about “Ken”?

Gypsy (who is addicted to Tik Tok or whatever it’s called) advises me the name is Richard.


I saw an article today. Apparently, it’s Karen and Ken.

BTW, Tik Tok, is a Chinese platform gathering data on Americans. Probably spreading misinformation as well.

Im good with “Ken”.

I still hate his guts for banging Barbie.


Ditto I mean wtf, I had a much better package than he did!

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