What Do You Think

…about a movie that stars a female waving around a phallic system?


Is she luring much younger subordinates into a room, blocking the exit, and then whipping it out and stroking it, or forcing them to suck it?

I respect and admire women(some of them anyway) just as they are. Why do some people feel the need to turn them into little men to make them respectable?


I don’t think giving fictional female characters a sense of agency equals turning them into little men.

They need to wave around a male phallic symbol to give them a sense of agency?

That sounds kind of sexist to me.:grin:

Well, since it’s a Star Wars thing, it just means she gets to play with the big boys. Still doesn’t mean she’s a “little man.”

PS, I have never, in all my days, seen one either that long, or that bright and shiny.

LR seems uncomfortable with strong women. Says a lot about his own manliness.

I am looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.:slightly_smiling_face:

Lame troll.:grin:

So why do you run it?