What's with Trump racists and Mexican food?

They can’t seem to stay away.


"Our food system relies on this workforce, and for decades, many of us have turned a blind eye about the true costs to adults and children. But it was there for us to see. In fact, the ubiquitous yellow CAUTION signs that are visible along the highways and roads along the Texas-Mexico border shows a man, a woman and a child running. We knew it all along. We drove right past them, as the little girl’s ponytail is lifted up by the momentum of her family’s desperate flight.

Miller, Nielsen, and President Trump (let’s not forget that he once celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a taco bowl from the Trump Grill) are the faces and the voracious guts of a nation that has for far too long exploited and taken, dined and dashed. That CAUTION sign should, in truth, read ATENCIÓN to remind those who enter the U.S., with or without documents, what they will find here."

I saw where a good avocado picker cud make 400 a day - the farmer starts the workers at min wage and they can work up to 200 300+

He got 25 - he needs 50

I saw a pundit on MSNBC saying his Dad has a vineyard and offered $50 an hour to Americans to pick the grapes last season. Not one American agreed to do it.

It’s the nature of the work that some people just aren’t willing to do.

They used to do it - tons of pics of whites following the crops on shorpy

I realize that.

What’s changed? You tell me.

I guess they got spoiled - this is why the endtimes will be sich a joy

I think so too. Too good to work manual labor.

Ivanka is going to change it all fer the poor


It’s going to be fabulous.

Ivanka could teach the children in the detention camps how to make handbags. With any proceeds going to offset any outstanding civil fines levied by the Kangaroo Immigration Courts.


All Restaurants are Drive Throughs, if you are brave enough.

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