Wholesome hijinks by the family values party


Gov. Eric Greitens was indicted Thursday afternoon by a St. Louis grand jury on a felony charge of invasion of privacy.

The charge stems from a 2015 affair and allegations that he threatened to release a nude photograph of the woman, taken while she was blindfolded and her hands were bound, if she ever spoke publicly about the affair.





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Don’t worry Governor Eric, I am sure Trump has your back.

Finally! Someone takes a pervy Repulsican out of office. To bad it takes the police hauling him out on felony charges to accomplish that.

What a lowlife POS.



Did you really have to insert politics into this thread?

Can this be moved to a more appropriate thread?

Always a Republican that has to drop a turd in the punch bowl, always. There’s something wrong with you people. Can’t even have on thread that’s kept pleasant. I deal with this in real life too. God damn, what an absolutely obnoxious demographic.

So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

Post no longer made any sense without the picture of the train tracks that it refered to.


The decision to not sully the Beautiful Earth that’s with your stream-of-consciousness Trump derangement stands.