Yer daily RR - guy fired


So what was the other guy so mad about?

hey if you’re going to keep these going and want a road rage category let me know…


Yeah, that - good idea

Tactically, I think it is a mistake walking back threatening to kill someone when they are in a car. Or, is it just me.

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Cars don’t run people over, people do!

One fer the girls

WTF are people so angry about? The economy is booming, lowest unemployment rates in decades…everything is peachy, even for the rapists, drug dealers, shitholers, lowlifes, dogs, and Libtards…but that’s redundant.

It was a mistake

Well if it was just an accident, carry on then young man.

The other guy seemed like the starter of it - I dunno

Maybe if the police would set up road blocks and if drivers aren’t armed the cops could give em a gun. An armed society is a polite society, they say.

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I am going in the armoured car business

Only way to get to the shoppers and back alive

This is getin out of hand

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