You'll appreciate this one, BD6

MrsR and I are in a nice hotel on the coast, this happened about an hour ago.

Me: Honey, where is my pajama shirt?

MrsR: In the duffel bag.

Me: I don’t see it (this is common, just wait)

MrsR: It’s on the top! (Also common, but hold on)

Me: No it isn’t.

I start digging

It was off to the side, near the bottom

Me: It wasn’t on the top, dear.

MrsR: Well it was on top when I put it in, I just put other stuff on top of it after.

Me: Ummmm…



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Men only do 2 things wrong - everything they say and do

Where are you at, theRabbit?

A nice hotel on the coast. Duh

Solution: pack yer own bag.

Just sayin’. :smile:

In the USA or have you gone abroad again?

Central CA coast, quick 3-day getaway.

Why didn’t you just look harder?

Hope you are having a good time.

Since she packed it, she’d know where it was. It doesn’t harm to ask, to shorten my task, does it? Incidentally, as you saw, I found it by looking harder.

Then perhaps not complaining about something someone else did for you in kindness might be something to consider.

I thought it was funny what she said. Please don’t project.

I’m not projecting anything.


If anyone has the chance to contact BD6 would you please explain to him that the reason that he is having so much difficulty transplanting a sassafras tree is that the sassafras tree has a long taproot. He wanted to know. :upside_down_face:

Thanks in Advance.

I just looked for him in the only place I know he posts, and someone flagged a humorous post of his there and he left. So now he’s off my radar completely. It’s ok, after he left here he wouldn’t even reply to any of my attempts to engage with him, so it’s not like he would have acknowledged me passing this on.

Ah well, I hope he is well in any case. I do miss him.

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Thanks for trying. I hope he is well as well.