Celebrity Death Watch

Claire Wineland, not all heroes wear capes (2)
McCain Dead ( 2 3 4 ) (67)
The End of the Bandit... Come on in, Burt (11)
The greatest voice ever in music, please, come in Aretha ( 2 3 4 5 ) (92)
Happy 60th, MJ (1)
An Odd Couple of days... but, Goodbye Girl! (4)
John McCain is circling the drain (1)
Alex Jones Career just died ( 2 ) (25)
Queen of Soul awaiting the Reaper (1)
Margot Kidder, have Superman carry what's left of you in here (9)
Get your betting slips back out -- The winner was "Willis" (12)
Gooooooooooood Niiiight Aaadrian! Come on down! (2)
Krauthammer dead (9)
One of the few I liked - Anthony Bourdain - Suicide ( 2 ) (29)
Sorry for yer loss Doc, the last of the Munchkins has returned to Kansas (4)
Margot Kidder - 69 YoA (14)
Tom Wolfe is now drinking electric kool aid with Neil and Kesey, furthur on down the road (3)
Come on in, Babs (14)
"There are no small parts, only small actors" Constantin Stanislavski, RIP Minnie Me (4)
Bruno Sammartino - 82 YoA (6)
Harry Anderson, not Mike Pence or Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions (6)
Come on in Gunny, Private Pyle is over there to show you around (3)
Be careful in here, Steven Bochco (2)
Winnie Mandela - 81 YoA (3)
Roll on in Stephen Hawking (19)
Floyd Carter SR, We salute you (1)
1st Lt. Walker, thank you for your service (3)
WLUP 97.9 FM 'The Loop' Out of Chitown, is with Tookie now (3)
Hey Tower Records Dude, You've been a big hit and a Long Player, but you're a broken record now, Ciao (8)
My celebrity Prius customer has bought the farm (1)