Another old fuck big star going down?


So you really have no idea what I said about Cosby and pulled that comment out of your ass because you are losing this argument.



No. Do you know what iirc stands for? I said it the first time I brought it up. But if you want to play that way, go ahead. I’m done. GFYS.


You said it when you went after Spoon for questioning the details. You said it every time you’ve made a crack in other threads about it. You said it when you accused me of defending Cosby. You think I am unfamiliar with these tactics and can’t read between the lines?

Seriously, quit insulting my intelligence.


IIRC = If I Recall Correctly.

I know you pulled it out of your ass as a means of trying to shut me up and make the case that women aren’t believed because they are questioned, which is a load of horseshit.


I thought I was speaking of the photo.

And it was hardly “right away,” as the thread was well established before I saw it.


I have a friend who records every bang he has

He’s addicted to Tinder and won’t stay with a girl more than a month

He never shows it to anyone and he told me that in extreme confidence

He says he deletes after a couple of months

There has been an avalanche of false rape accusations here in Brazil and sex tapes will hold just fine in court


Actually, I pulled it right out of my ass because I remembered a days-long argument we had in which you defended a monster, because there wasn’t enough proof, and you’re all about proof and everything.

BUT. I pulled the wrong monster outta my ass. It was Trump you were defending. For days. Over the pussy thing. LMMFAO. I think I forgot because it’s hard to believe you defended him, and you always claim you’re so logical.

I wasn’t trying to shut you up at all. Don’t be paranoid.


Well, yes, clearly as a challenge to her claim. :smirk:

For a matter of minutes.


So you admit you were wrong.

I accept your apology.


I said “iirc.” Remember? AND yes, I was wrong about whom you were defending. You were defending a bigger monster.

I also accept your apology re your false, paranoid claim that I was trying to shut you up.

Daily NRA/Darwin award goes to

Oh, you’re still dancing. I’ll turn the music back on for ya.