Donald Trump acted like 'a drunk tourist' on Europe trip that led Angela Merkel to proclaim end of US alliance


At least the French guy isn’t very likely to be married to a KGB “honey trap.” The Russians have had their hooks in Trumpf for a long time…

When I was doing the USO shit the drummer and I let this CIA guy drink with us, he told us how he operates, couldn’t hardly get the guy to shut up… What his job was, was to buddy up with foreign politicians and influential leaders of industry etc. take them out for dinner and drinks and get them to accept a bribe in return for some favor… then he could blackmail them etc.

I’m pretty sure the Russians probably operate the same way and it’s looking like they’ve compromised Trumpf and most of his cabinet.


When it happens I’ll post them!

Hey, I was wondering. Why do you think Melania didn’t marry a younger, more attractive man? And one that doesn’t make her so miserable that she refuses to live in the same city he lives in?






Money money money…is the rich man’s honey.


And here I thought it was because she was dying to serve her country! Silly me!


Macron married his TEACHER.

She was married, but Macron lured her from her first husband to marry him.

What do they call teachers that fuck their students again?


There you go again, casting assumptions without a single thread of evidence about what I am, or am not cool with.

I have at times called Fox a fascist propaganda organisation, and idiots like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity a blight on journalism. And I still do.

Please don’t make false claims about me unless you have the facts. And if you want the facts, just ask.


Hey, Lotus. Post a pic of yourself. Let’s put you up against Melania.


We should have an RBF Off!


Yeah, like Lotus would ever post a pic of herself…


A, I would never post a pic of myself on a troll board. Fools and attention whores do that, for the most part (please note the qualifier before you reduce yourself to hysteria). B, Why should I give a fuck how you or anyone else might rate me against Melania? Only a shallow asshole would believe that matters one whit to me.


Why not post a pic?

Oh, wait. Of course.

Your students might stumble across it, and read the crap you post. That would destroy any credibility you may possess in a heartbeat.


^^^Meltdown down under