Final Four Thread - Only for Those Interested. All Others Keep Out


Game time - 6:09 eastern. Underdog Gamecocks vs pretender Zags.


Sorry, not interested. :grinning:


'Cocks out to an early 7-6 lead.


The Zags have had some good Teams over the years, I’m somewhat surprised they’ve never been this far


They have been winning but I am not impressed. I think they just had an easy road to the final four.
20-18 Zags under 10 to play in the half.


Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Mondays game was Zags v Ducks?


I want SC/Ducks. No Zags. No Zags. No Tar Heels.

40-36 Zags.


What the fuck - keep out - are you channeling cheeto?


It was what you call reverse child psychology, 6. What better way to encourage participation than to say keep out.

"Cocks going to have to shoot straighter and play some D. Doing okay in all other ways. "Cock have been good coming from behind.

"Cocks lookin a little limp down 13 with less that 11 to go.

"Cocks stiffening defensively. Fast break points and back to 6 deficit.

AMAZING - "Cocks pull even with just under 8 to play. 65-65
Whoa! they really are the comeback kings. Do not count theses guys out.


Zags pretended their way to the final.


Lucky basterds.
Another excellent game.
Tourney has been one of the best I can remember.


Apey - It’s your home team - you call the game.
Ducks need to play under control. They’re too juiced right now.


Impressive run midway in the 2nd for SC.


Halfway through the first, I think the team that can make more of their shots, will have the edge at the end.


Looks like Ennis is working on a Master’s in treys.


He’s a 6th yr Senior Double Transfer, last of Villanova, and originally Nortre Dame iirc, he’s 25 yrs. old.


He has a kid brother in his 3rd year in the bigs (if the Lakers are the bigs). Left after his frosh, I think.


He started at Rice, not ND



BAN HIM ! :angry:


From 2000, thus a pre-9/11 sentiment. Why do you hate Murrica?