Finally got a good phone


My life has been radically changed. I was a technopeasant to the new phone world but no more…


OK we expect to start seeing pics of everything you see, do eat etc, from now on.


…maybe not quite EVERYthing…


Apple or Android




It’s not just the phone that’s smart!


Tons of apps on the playstore - navigation - magnify - schedule - alarms

you can have yer face stuck in it now fer 12 hours a day while you figure it out

it’s everything but a phone


My roomie has a $1000 iPhone, it does take amazing photos.


For a thousand bucks I’d much prefer to have a $200 Android and an $800 Canon or Nikon. Maybe that’s just me, though.


I got a galaxy S3 off ebay fer 63 bucks - it takes amazing photos also

joe blow ain’t gona tell the difference

the vids I made was the 63 buck one

lmao - 1000 fer a phone


It’s like a Nikon in your phone and that’s just the selfie cam.


For a thou I’d rather have a $200 Android and $800 bucks.


Not buying it. The essence of any camera is glass, and the glass takes up too much space to fit in yer iphone.

Point taken. What I actually DID do, last year, was keep the 2014 Android and drop 400 on the used Nikon, keeping $600 of the imaginary thousand.


I got the Moto E5 , cheapo Android phone, camera is ok but not very good. Way nicer than my old one.


It shud take good pics

I had to replace the rear camera in mine - 5 bucks off ebay -


I’d say that the camera in her iPhone is as good or better than any $1000 Nikon.


Make sure the lens is clean of does not have a covering since it’s new

No fucking phone takes a better pic then a 1K Nikon


You got the same phone? Did that give you a better quality selfie cam?


A 5-10k Nikon is definitely the best but you don’t get the greatest Nikon for a grand.


I got the S3 off ebay - the rear camera sucked so I bought the a replacement camera off ebay fer 5 bucks

you got to take apart the whole phone to replace it - it’s only as big as a a dime (the whole thing - connector and all

not fer the faint of heart as some of the connectors are so tiny you can just about see them and they are easy to fuck up - never mind yer static and sich - it’s great now - the front worked well