Got a new desktop


Intel i5-8400 CPU @ 2.8GHz
Nvidia Geoforce video card
27" monitor



That’s pretty amazing. You can watch movies on that.


It’s sort of too big of a monitor… I only use half the screen at a time most of the time.


Another first world problem - horrors

Fuck - I remember being thrilled to get 12 inch ega - and I paid up the ass for it


I still recall my first 15 inch CRT


900 bucks for a color 12 inch and a 30 meg hard drive thru the company I worked for - they let ya pay in payments no interest

super fuking deal at the time

I wondered how in the fuck anyone would ever need 30 meg - after having floppies

althou the putur I supported was flying terabytes - a fucking room full of hard drives - millions of shiny stones



So far this computer has been a POS… can’t get a good wifi connection… it’s starting to piss me off. I can bring my roomies Lenovo laptop in here and get at least 100mbs… this POS gets like 5mbs and 3mbs… really Dell… I guess I’ll call Dell support today, they better fix it or this pos is going back.

oh and I bought a computer with a video card but they couldn’t give me an HDMI cable to hook it up to the video card… they gave me an old style cord that only plugged into the basic video output… had to order one off ebay. I’m sure an HDMI cable costs them less than a dollar. I was able to buy a 25ft one on ebay for $6.


Why do you more then 5Mbs

Shud do anything quick

some folks would kill for 3

1st world problem

and wot do you use to check the speed


xfinity speed test and other internet speed tests…

I need over 5mbs just on the upload to broadcast the live sex parties.


I refuse to buy anything under an i5-9600
I5 is already 4 generations ago. If there’s no form of SSD, I’d also refuse.

I have an i7-9600(quad core) 256g SSD, 1tb HDD. NVidia GForce GTX 1050 tI




Takes less than 30 seconds to fully boot the computer.


Yoda: [sighs, looks upward] I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience


Try not to be so emotional.:wink:


Prolly spooky OKR’s


Tech support got it up to 40 on the down and 5.8 on the up but it’s still going back… I have Lenovo Thinkpad right next to it (with an SSD like Boro reccomended and it’s nice) and it gets 180mbs…

The India tech support guys were fine, but Dell really dropped the ball and sent me a piece of junk, they kept telling me that the drivers and the operating system weren’t up to date… etc. but them updating them didn’t seem to make any difference etc. I finally did a factory restore and shit never really got any better… they’re supposed to be sending me a new one.


I started with thiws

Carrier Technology Theoretical Throughput Transfer a 1 MB file
300 baud modem 300 bps 27,962 sec

466 minutes to download 1 meg

not kidding


I used to run two 56k modems with a computer and separate line just for downloading shit.