How to setup NordVPN or OpenVPN on an Amazon Fire TV Stick


ok I had no idea how to do this and couldn’t find any tutorials on how to do so either… so I kind of pieced it together out various info I found… I’m not giving out links etc. a quick Google search should give you more info. I’m writing this out of memory but it should help anyone attempting to do the same. It took me a lot of trial and error before I achieved success…

In addition to my Windows desktop I used an android phone. You’ll also need a NordVPN account which is what I used, or some other OpenVPN compatible account that gives you configuration files like Nord does.

Install the ES Explorer app on your Fire Stick by doing a search for it on your Amazon screen…

Then on your android phone find and install the “Open VPN for Android’ app at Google Play, then do the same and find an app called “Apps2fire”, open Apps2fire, it will ask you for the IP address of your firestick etc, then once you’re connected you can easily send the OpenVPN for Android” app to your firestick…

Then you can go to your Fire stick Settings ->Apps -->Managed Installed Applications I think it is and you should be able to see that you now have the Open VPN app on your fire stick…

Then I went to ES Explorer, scrolled down the side tab to Network -->LAN… found my desktop, entered my login info, found the configuration files I had downloaded and unzipped in the user area of Nord VPN, clicked on the first one in ES explorer, it will ask you how you want to open it, choose the bottom option Other I think it is, then scroll down and click Open VPN Configuration file… then it will load it as a configuration file.

Then select the NORDaccount that it creates, enter your username and password for NordVPN and you should be connected. I adjusted my settings on the app to connect automatically when it boots up and to always stay connected…

Then you have a private secure tunnel from your fire TV, all your ISP sees is your encrypted secure connection to NordVPN… Also all the sites you’re downloading from see is your connection to NordVPN.

If you haven’t signed up for NordVPN and are going to, please use my referral link which will help me get some free credits there…


Most popular post on the forum, lots of people are interested in this…

Anyways, my method worked for me and I didn’t have to buy a fancy VPN router or anything like all the other methods I saw online want you to do.

If it helps, you have anything to add or have problems login and poast…


This worked first try. Thank you. However, when I go back to “About” it hasn’t changed my ip despite connecting through open VPN… In case anyone was wondering, the nordvpn configuration files can be found here: - just click the one for the server you want. The country code is at the beginning of the file.


You’re welcome, I will have to check mine again, I checked the IP on it a few times after first setting it up and all seemed well.


Billdo, How do you get that many view on a thread. Is that thread searchable in a way that others aren’t? Is it linked elsewhere on the site?

More interesting search terms just?


Just by people searching the internet for it.



Thank you for the help. I’m having the same problem Nbeers22 is having. Open VPN shows I’m connected to the NordVPN server but when I complete a DNS test on the Downloader browser it shows my home IP. I’ve ensured the Downloader app is allowed to use the VPN through allowed apps on Open VPN.

Could it be the configuration file I’ve chosen to use? Do you have any thoughts.



I haven’t tried a DNS test on the downloader browser/app, not even sure what it is… I have checked the IP before though and it was showing a Nord IP… As far as configuration files go I think I used the very first one in the zip file of files. I will check the IP that my firestick is showing later when I get a chance and report back.

BTW I’m using the newer firestick, no experience with the older ones. Oh and welcome to the board @Nbeers22 and @alstar2k6


@Nbeers22 , and @alstar2k6 , I just checked my Firestick device IP and it’s showing a Nord IP not my ISP.


@Billdo thank you. Do you have a link to the zip files you used? OpenVPN shows the connection as successful but its not changing the Firestick IP. By newer fire stick do you mean the one with Alexa voice control? Because mine doesn’t have the Alexa feature. This could be the reason it’s not working I guess.


Yes I have the newer one with Alexa voice control.

I think the link to the zip files is inside your Nord members area.

Nbeers22 posted this link yesterday…

If you figure out a solution for your problem please post it here for others having the same.


I was so happy to find this post. Afterwards I did find one article saying nordvpn has to be side loaded to fire tv.
With nothing telling me I couldn’t and everything saying nord is the best, I was frazzled. idk why I’ve attempted this as I didn’t have even basic knowledge of this stuff. But I persist because I’ll have to learn if I want to use it.
I did what you said. Got both apps and apps2fire is saying go to set up to enter IP address. Me: WHAT SET UP? Who’s setup? I can’t even open app2fire because it says no IP address defined. That’s as far as I get.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Otherwise…give me the gun.


Ok. I just found it. “Setup” shows up as a menu option on my list of apps that I tried to open apps2fire on in my android phone. In landscape mode (phone turned sideways). Who knew? Not I.


I hope you can help me a little. I am having a heck of a time with this…I have both apps (openvpn and app to fire) so far so good, but, what I am unsure of is how to connect to my laptop. I go to ES explorer and get to lan. I enter the IP address of my laptop, but, I don’t know what login I’m supposed to use there? How exactly do I find my computer?

I’m not the greatest at networs and how all that works :blush:

Thank you so so much for your time!


Hi Susanne! My computer is password protected, when I try to access it on the network I need my login and password that I use to login to Windows.


Ok, now I feel like a complete ding dong ha ha ha


So…I think they removed functionality from Explorer ES to open as ‘Other’ (I only have 4 basic options for Text, Video, Image, and Music). I followed all the above steps and am not able to open the .ovpn file in Open VPN. Any notes or updates from anyone experiencing the same issue?


Hi Bdlane, after you install Open VPN you should be able to find it in your Firestick Apps and open it from there… what you have to open as an other type of file is the configuration file from NordVPN.


@Nbeers22 @alstar2k6 @Miamila

How has NordVPN been working for you? It has seemed kind of slow lately for me and hanging a lot on my computer.


Hi, sorry if I’ve misunderstood something here…NordVPN have an Android App so why do you install the ‘Open VPN for Android’ instead of the NordVPN app ?